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GoldTool GTK-640B Electronic Technician Kit

GoldTool GTK-640B Electronic Technician Kit
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GoldTool GTK-640B Electronic Technician Kit


Tools set contains:

  • 2-pole mains voltage tester
  • gripping device for ICs
  • gripping device for miniature parts, length 116 mm
  • phial with solder Ø1mm
  • adjustable spanner, length max 150 mm, span max. 20 mm
  • torch made of anodized aluminium, supplied with 2x1.5V- R6 battery
  • soldering iron 30 W, 230 V
  • universal cutters, length 130 mm
  • universal reinforced design knife with break-off blades
  • desoldering pump
  • antistatic wristband
  • container with antistatic liquid with pump
  • soft brush, round Ø12 mm
  • reverse action, stainless steel tweezers, sharp tips, length 120 mm
  • universal, straight, stainless steel tweezers, sharp tip, length 150 mm
  • universal, straight, plastic coated tweezers, tip width 2.3 mm, length 116 mm
  • universal, curved, stainless steel tweezers, sharp tip, length 112 mm
  • curved, stainless steel tweezers, spade tip, length 113 mm
  • cutters, length 115 mm
  • universal straight pliers, length 130 mm
  • flat pliers, length 130 mm
  • universal, curved pliers, length 130 mm
  • PVC insulating tape 19mm/10m
  • Torx screwdriver TX5x30 mm
  • Torx screwdriver TX6x30 mm
  • Torx screwdriver with protection hole TX8x30 mm
  • Phillips crosspoint screwdrivers PH1x75
  • Phillips crosspoint screwdrivers PH2x100
  • Phillips precision crosspoint screwdriver PH0x30 mm
  • screwdriver voltage tester
  • slot screwdriver 5x75 mm
  • slot screwdriver 6x100 mm
  • slot precision screwdriver 2.0x30 mm
  • set of folding Allan hex keys
  • stripper for wires Ø1.0; 1.6; 2.0; 2.6; 3.2 mm


Tool set features:

  • 8 different size outside and inside pockets for documents and parts
  • two removable pallets with holders for tool fastening
  • the bag is fitted with a handle and a shoulder strip
  • bag with zip fastener


Additional information

  • Gross weight: 4.05 kg
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